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Email Security, Compliance and Retention Suite

(Barracuda ESS Cloud Suite)

Email Security

Antivirus, Malware and Spam Protection for your SMB or Enterprise Desktops and Servers

Email Compliance

Policy based encryption services to automatically encrypt email messages

Email Retention

Ensure compliance and legal requirements mandated by your particular industry.

Gateway Internet Protection (Fortigate UTM)

Firewall appliance which protects your business from external threats.  These appliances provide a full UTM (Unified Threat Management) platform and protective services designed to keep your data and networks safe while keeping the bad guys out. Please contact us for appropriate appliance sizing for your environment.

Desktop & Server Security and Protection (Trend Micro)

Complete Desktop antivirus, malware, trojan protection for the desktop and server hardware / Virtual Machines

VoIP Phones

Horizon Managed Services has test many different VoIP phones and has chosen Yealink as the go to phones for our VoIP Deployments.  The Yealink 42G, 46G and 48G Series phones offer great economical value for any VoIP deployment.  Auto provisioning is an integral part of our VoIP deployments.  Auto provisioning allows you to basically plug and play your phone on your local network or as a remote extension. Our cloud hosted solutions are ideal for companies who want to have a completely cloud hosted offsite solution.  Horizon Managed Services, LLC will host, manage and maintain your entire phone system, all you do is plug your phone into and internet enabled network and you are ready to roll. The HD Audio that is delivered by these Yealink phones is truly amazing. You must experience it to believe it.

Onsite or Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

The 3CX Platform is the platform of choice for Horizon Managed Services, LLC.  We have used tested several different Phone systems in the past and have found no better value and quality from any other phone system provider.  We believe so strongly in the 3CX product that we have Officially partnered with 3CX to complete our Phone System offering.  The support they provide is second to none and are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction.  This is “the” premier VoIP Platform for our clients.  Some of the features included with all 3CX Version are the following:

  • VoiceMail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Music on hold
  • Call Parking
  • Extension to Extension Dialing
  • Follow me feature (Mobile App Included)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Recording)
  • Auto-Provisioning VoIP Phones (Select Phones Only)
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Feature
  • Video Conferencing (Select Phones Only)
  • Conferencing Bridge Included (25 Participants Included)
  • Softphone (PC, MAC Desktop Software included)
  • On-Premise or Cloud Hosted Solutions Available

The number of concurrent calls the system can handle is directly related to the 3CX license that is purchased and the type of SIP Trunk that is selected during your system build.

Number Porting

We can port or move most existing telephone numbers into SIP TRUNKING Services.  Please inquire with us and we can quickly let you know if it can be ported to the new SIP Trunk Provider.

Conference Bridge (25 member standard)

Paging and Intercom Feature (Paging to speakers Requires Snom PA-1). Faxing Feature Online – Fax to Email or Fax to legacy fax machines (Additional hardware may be required)


iPhone and Android App for Mobile Softphone features

Simple licensing Model – Select the number of concurrent phone calls you wish to have available and that is the license that will be applied.

Emergency Call Path Forwarding

If your internet or PRI goes down, the system can be configured to automatically forward to another number (cell, answering service, etc …)

SIP Trunks or PRI Service Friendly

We can use SIP Trunks from one of our approved providers or a PRI can be provisioned as well with the purchase of additional hardware. SIP TRUNKS are preferred and recommended.