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Frequently Asked Questions

What is all this talk about “Virtualization”? What does it mean and how can it help my business?

Virtualization simply means separating the Software from the Hardware. Traditionally, an office would purchase a server and store all their data and multiple services, applications and even hardware at times. This approach can become difficult to manage as your company grows and also becomes costly. Not only do you require more physical servers but your heating and cooling costs rise, electrical costs rise and management becomes painstakingly difficult. Not to mention you end up supporting different dissimilar hardware as well. Virtualization doesn’t really mean cheaper, although it can save you money in the long run. Virtualization allows you to utilize a single server to “host” multiple Guest Servers (OS’s) as Virtual Machines. These OS’s run in the Physical Servers Processor, Memory and Storage. This allows you to put the whole server to use. Typically, servers only use 1%-3% of their total CPU Power. Virtualization also allows you the ability to backup and restore more efficiently meaning quicker restores during catastrophic failures. Virtualization still requires regular backups and verified restores to be effective. Remember a backup is only as good as it’s ability to restore successfully.

How do your Tier Level Services differ from traditional computer services?

Traditional computer support is usually a break/fix client relationship. Horizon Managed Services strives to provide you with the best computer experience so that you can use technology to grow and maximize the efficiency of your business. Of course there are times when computer troubles will arise but we have designed systems and strategies to help your business overcome these issues. Our Tier Service plans offer server redundancies which can have you up and running after complete server failures quickly and painlessly. We have designed a data center which regularly backs up your data then restores it to an identical server in our data center. All of this happens automatically without any user interaction. Not all Technology Service Providers are created equally, let us show you why? Inquire about our Tier Services today.

How do I contact Horizon Managed Services about becoming a client?

In order to provide the best service possible we would need to meet with you. We want to make sure that first and foremost, you receive the attention your business deserves. We don’t oversell ourselves because then our level of service to our clients suffer. As such, we want to make sure we can provide you with the highest level of service while maintaining our commitment to our existing clients. Please contact our sales department to setup an appointment or an on-site visit. You can also send us an inquiry via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

What is your Privacy Policy & How do you handle my data?

Horizon Managed Services, LLC makes every effort to ensure that your privacy and data is secure.  We use industry leading technologies to ensure that ANY data you provide to us is physically secure or encrypted using a minimum of 256 bit Encryption Algorithms.

Credit Cards are processed onsite at your location and we never keep your Credit Card information stored on our systems.  All Credit/Debit card transactions must be initiated by you and can NEVER be automated by Horizon Managed Services, LLC.  We do this in an effort to minimize your security footprint and keep your data where it belongs… with YOU.

If you care to take a peek at our Privacy Policy for a more in depth description of how we protect your privacy, click on the link below.