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David Pino

Director of Managed Services

I have always said that I was one of those few fortunate individuals that landed a dream job in IT at the tender age of 17. I must say that I started not at the beginning during the invention of the pc but during the pc explosion. I was given an opportunity to hone my skills working with an awesome group of Network and Software engineers in Miami, Florida, my home town. After a number of years in training I learned a great deal about networks and developed a very good foundational understanding of computing, hardware and software systems. Beginning with DOS as my first OS was a really solid building block as it taught me a great deal of how to integrate software and hardware that was addressed back in those days manually.  Almost everything was statically configured in text files and very few systems were “automatic” such as DHCP.  I began the networking side with Token ring networks which were 16Mbps systems that were very interesting to say the least. All these systems were networked using Novell NOS.  As the original designers of the “directory” it was a networking system way ahead of the rest besting out even the Microsoft giant of today. After Windows NT made it’s appearance in the market I began learning the Microsoft OS’s and becoming certified in Microsoft Products.  Things progressed pretty quickly from there and I began doing work for clients outside of my regular job and it was uphill from there. Today I have managed to support and maintain thousands of systems to date.  From single instance offices to multi-domain virtual environments, VDI deployments, multi-VLAN environments and 24/7 plant facilities.  I love the opportunity I get to interact on a daily basis with people and help their businesses be better even if it doesn’t involve IT.